Moros i Cristians

Moros i Cristians

Usually, this is the program of this event:

Friday: Parade of the "alardos" of the groups with criticism of society and the municipality.

Saturday: 'despertá' (wake up music parade) in the morning and then lunch of 'coques en cansalá'. At noon, the presentation of bands takes place. In the afternoon, a parade with the troupes is celebrated.

Sunday: 'despertá' (wake up music parade), and then lunch at noon. Guerrilla and conquest of the castle by the Moors. At 20:00, Guerrilla and reconquering of the Palace by the Christian side. Finally, the victory parade is celebrated.

  • Details:
  • Town: Sumacàrcer
  • Start date: 26/08/2016
  • End date: 28/08/2016
  • Fecha variable, se suele celebrar el último fin de semana de agosto.

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