The most international party of Alicante is already here. Jump into the street and enjoy the monuments, mascletás, concerts, castles and stalls. Until 24th June, the Bonfires of San Juan offer real great fun for you.
  • The Gay Pride Day LGBT is on 28th June but Region Valencia will host different acts from June to September acts to vindicate the values of equity and diversity. For this party we count on you, here you have a #DestinoAcogedor #FriendlyDestination.
  • Recreation of the Iberian and Roman Age, promotion of the knowledge of the Roman culture and diffusion of the city of Lesera and market. All these activities and many others will be on display in the tenth edition of the Roman Iberian Fair on 24th and 25th June.
  • Valencia is getting ready to welcome the summer with the Bonfires on San Juan night, a festival of ancient origin in which magical rituals intermingle with fire, gunpowder, water and music. The festival of the Bonfires of San Juan is lived intensely on all beaches along the Mediterranean coast; but in Alicante it gets up to Premium category.
Propuestas de la semana
  • Alc_Aeroglobo_img1
    In 1990, Aeroglobo started his activity, a company which flies along the sky with their hot air balloons and carries passengers over the beautiful landscapes of the province of Alicante. His caring welcome and his more than 25000 flights experience...
  • Boletin_Alfondeguilla_Mar de Fulles
    The ideal destination for the lovers of the ecotourism exists. Mar de Fulles is a hotel which springs from deep in Nature, with 160.000 m2 of centenarian forest to his feet. And it is also a hostel, perfect for group escapes.
  • Silla_Hostal Lucimar_Img1
    The restaurant and hostal Lucimar is situated in the Valencian village of Silla. One of its appeals is its location, since it provides a comfortable and strategic point to star trips both due to work or leisure reasons. We face a gastronomic...

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