imagen de las pastillas de turrón ya elaboradas
An infinite white mantle of almond blossom: this is the color of Xixona fields until the spring, when the harvest of the fruit starts. A harvest which is then turned, by skilled craftsmen, into a typical Spanish Christmas treat: nougat. Legend has it that many years ago a king married a Scandinavian princess who felt sad when she left behind the eternal snows of her country. The king, eager to see again the smile of his beloved, had thousands of almond trees planted which, in blooming, turned the landscape white. The princess smiled again and the humble peasants regained joy: they began harvesting almonds and nougat became their main source of income.
  • Figuras del belén
    A Neapolitan nativity scene of 29 pieces is exposed at the National Museum of Ceramics in Valencia. The Palace of Marqués de Dos Aguas hosts this nativity scene dated in the eighteenth century. Come and enjoy this Christmas Crib Scene scene in the museum. It will be exhibited until February.
  • El puente
    The Garcerán House in Segorbe holds an exhibition named The most beautiful night, a cultural proposal that can be visited until January the 11th which shows the environment of the town, featuring its celebrations, festivals and traditions.
  • Un bodegón
    Edible Archeology is an exhibition by Júlio Quaresma showing paintings, installations and videos of the artist in the Gallery 7 at the Valencia Institute of Modern Art (IVAM). Come and be surprised by a complete artist. The exhibition is opened until January the 6th.

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