Advocat Cove


Advocat Cove
The most evident characteristics of this cove are the existence of a jetty and a small esplanade where one can take a peaceful stroll. Here you will find all you need to spend a whole day on the beach. There is a small protected sandy beach ideal for children and a marvellous underwater environment. In the summer season there is a beach-bar. The beach ends in a 47 metre high cliff, "El Cantalar", that runs out to sea forming the "Punta Fosca" head.
  • Details:
  • Length: 45.00 m.
  • Average width: 8.00 m.
  • Occupancy: Alta
  • Available services:
    Acceso Persona Movilidad ReducidaArena FinaCalaChiringuitoGravaLavapiesParkingPasarelasPlaya Semi UrbanaRestauranteVelaWindsurf
  • * Beach not controlled by the Ministry of Environment

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