Rock climbing

Experience the mountain intensely


The ValenciaRegionoffers you plenty of opportunities to practice climbing. Mountainous terrain, with emblematic and impressive vertical limestone rock cliffs that can be found in Alicante, in the Marinas area: the Ponoig, the Puig Campana, the Sierra de Aitana, the Sierra de Bernia or the Cabeçó d’Or, and where you will also find impressive climbing paths where the sea will accompany in your adventure: the Penyal d’Ifac, the morro de Toix…

The province of Valencia, the least mountainous of the three, also offers spectacular locations for rock climbing, with famous areas such as the walls of the canyon of the Túria as it passes through Chulilla.

Finally, it is worth pointing out Montanejos, in Castellón, a peerless destination for mountain climbing along with Jérica.

The Valencia Mountain Climbing Federation (Federación Valenciana de Montañismo) offers specialised information on mountain climbing in the Valencia Region.

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