Rafting in the Valencia Region? By all means!


Sailing down tumultuous rivers in oar-powered, inflatable rafts for several people. In this activity teamwork is crucial, as the vessel can only be directed through co-ordinated movements of the oars.

Suitable for all kinds of tourists, and especially popular with people who do not play other sports and love strong sensations, this activity has been designed with groups of friends, families, etc. in mind, as it allows them to stay together throughout the entire activity. It can be performed throughout the entire year, always using the appropriate gear and equipment.

The places where the river conditions are optimal for amateurs in the Valencia Region are the following:

The River Cabriel, which has the longest navigable stretches that are suitable for white water sports undoubtedly has its best sections in the Valencia Region, such as the hoces del río Cabriel. Apart from the ideal characteristics of the surroundings, its geographic location between Madrid and Valencia make it the ideal area to perform rafting, canoeing and white water kayaking  and the best in the inland Iberian Peninsula. A number of companies operate in this area, organising all kinds of activities related to white water sports. The time of the year during which the river flows most abundantly, leading to the most exciting rapids, are from March to October.

The other river in which you can perform rafting is the Mijares river, in the province of Castellón, by Montanejos, where you will also find companies that can guide you to your adventure sailing down white water rapids.

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