Colomer park

5000 m2 area in which the old municipal slaughterhouse (XVIII century) and the newly built Colomer, surrounded by gardens with aromatic plants from our forests, are located.

  • Description:
    • Type: Parques y jardines
Img 1: Quartell


This is a typically Valencian inland village. It is located in the foothills of the Sierras Espadán and Calderona, only 5 km. away from the best local beaches. The area is called Vall de Segó. Its beauty and fantastic weather were already known by the ancient Romans who established their leisure houses here.

Come to know us and you will enjoy great natural places (La Rodana, Font de Quart, Marjal El Quadro, etc.), welcoming people and the best Valencian cuisine. This quiet village of 1400 inhabitants is only 15 minutes away from the services of two of the capitals of the region of Valencia (Valencia and Castellón).

Img 1: Quartell

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