Cities and towns in Valencia

  • Cheste church
    A small elevation of land shelters Cheste, an area that, judging by the vestiges left behind here, has been populated for over thousands of years. Its proximity to the capital has not made it lose its personality, instead it has beenaccentuated by...
  • Albaida town
    The name Albaida comes from the Arabic word "Al-Bayda", meaning "The White One", probably because of the colour throughout the soil of most of the area. It is halfway between Valencia and Alicante, and only 35 kilometres from the coast.
  • Enguera
    Sprawling comfortably in the foothills of the Sierra Enguera mountains, pretty as a picture, lies the town of Enguera. It is located in the south of the Canal de Navarrés district and, sitting in the only valley in the vicinity, its town...

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