Iberian Fortress El Torrelló

Bronze Age and Iberian Culture. This arqueological site is on a raised terrace cut off on the north by the Barranco del Torrelló ravine and on the south by the river Mijares. The ravine and the river join at the East and form a sort of peninsula; therefore the fort is only easily accessible from the West. This small fort has a fortifying circular wall face of large stones, with smaller ones forming a wedge shape that is typical of Iberian culture. About 3 metres inside and parallel to this, we find a second wall which dates from an earlier period, the Bronze Age. This is a dry stone wall face on a slope. The site is about 2,100 m2 and measures approximately 64 by 45 metres. The enclosure consists of a sloping defence or natural escarpment, with vertical rocks and a difference in levels of about 20 metres which means that these defence works were not extensive. The main part is made up of a tower raised above the flat terrace area, which has a complex system of buttressed walls.

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