Enjoying tapas and nougat in Xixona

Publishing date 12/05/2014

If you enjoy eating nougat and tapas, you're in luck, because you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting Xixona. A total of 25 establishments in the city offer a tapa and a drink for two euros, and the tapa can be nougat-flavoured. And it's not even Christmas yet!
Enjoying tapas and nougat in Xixona

The third edition of the Tapas Route in Xixona will be held until June 1. Every participating bar, restaurant, hotel, cafeteria or pub offers a minimum of three tapas, one of which is based on the star product of Xixona: nougat.


Enjoying these fantastic and traditional tapas, as well as a number of prizes to experience is the perfect excuse not to miss this route.

Other details: Xixona/Jijona

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