Route to Cap Prim or Martí de Xàbia and Cala Sardinera

Publishing date 21/01/2019

Xàbia is a town located in the region of the Marina Alta, known for its fabulous coastline, full of coves at the foot of cliffs and capes. Located between Cabo de San Antonio to the north and Cabo de la Nao to the south, Xàbia can be enjoyed both in summer and in winter. If you like calm coves and hiking, here you can do both at the same time on your way to Cala Sardinera, taking the Cap Prim or Martí route.
Route to Cap Prim or Martí de Xàbia and Cala Sardinera

The Route to Cap Prim starts from the cross of Portitxol, located on the namesake road. From here you can already see impressive views of the Mediterranean and the Illa del Portitxol. It is a one-kilometre easy route, suitable for adults and also children.


At the beginning of the route, you can see an indicative sign, and a fork on the road to go to Barraca or Cap Prim. Head towards Cap Prim, and as you go, you will see to your right the Barraca creek, and to our left the coast of Xàbia, with Montgó in the background and Cabo de San Antonio. A beautiful route easily accessible and suitable for the whole family.


To access Sardinera cove, you have to deviate at the 0.6 km point of the route, turning to the left along the path you will descend to the coast finding this small cove quite less visited than others of the locality. Its bottom is all rocks and stones, so it is necessary to wear appropriate footwear. This cove does not have any services, so do not forget to bring water, food, and a mobile phone in case there is an emergency.

Other details: Xàbia/Jávea

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