Xàbia (The Arenal Beach)

The town centre of Xàbia, on the Costa Blanca, is located a short distance from the seafront, nestling under the imposing gaze of Montgo; massif. The harbour is located under a cliff at the end of the broad coastal plain, and offers a full range of modern tourist services, accommodation and clean, transparent waters, with beaches that alternate with rocky coves all along this special part of the Costa Blanca, as we can see in this webcam at Los Remos la Nao Restaurant at at one of the cities most popular beaches. The town has a maze of streets that run down from the fortified church of St Bartholomew, with lots of charming little shops and houses adorned with local stone. Network of webcams of the Region of Valencia.

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They are on holiday! Call

They are on holiday! Call into a tourist office and request they get it looked into?

one of the worst camera views

one of the worst camera views out there ! whats wrong with the people who install and maintain these cameras ?

brilliant, what the heck is

brilliant, what the heck is an "adult entertainment society???" well you can use my villa on montgo as long as me and my fat wife can join in too, bit weary about the animals though....

I wish someone would clean up

I wish someone would clean up this webcam and focus it correctly!

hola, i am arrive with my

hola, i am arrive with my amigos at May time. we are from monchengladbach adult entertainment society. we are looking to rent a 10 bedroom casa that we could use for party and making adult films etc.. we need to be by no other house because we make much noise with screams and more. also we have some animals with us. also must be near no infants as we wish not to offend. do good people have any offers. we will leave in clean condition. the view is good also for the filming. maybe you make your house famous as we are very weel know in industry. we reward top dollars. also we looking for models from javea area, mostly for the fat lady and the old lady money good also.thank you

Javea Carnival - does anyone

Javea Carnival - does anyone know the dates and programme for 2016 yet?

I walk a straight path and

I walk a straight path and appreciate there is room to accommodate all flavours, live and let live. We have one life so live it, no regrets and respect all God's children. Have fun folks we're living a good life, just take a look around and see all the mess in the world.....a modicum of perspective should prevail!!!

So how is Javea these days?.

So how is Javea these days?. Is it busy for the Bank Holiday? Are there lots of house buyers around?. Those that are there, I hope you are all safe, well and enjoying the beautiful town. Xabia

I think they've all got

I think they've all got carried away after hearing about the range of water sports.

i have to ask, why allow a

i have to ask, why allow a question asking about the whereabouts of fetish clubs and munches meetings?. this is a beach webcam. by allowing this question obviously the followers of unorthodox lifestyles will reciprocate with all their outlandish suggestions. i understand it must all be legal, albeit i question why, however i feel that this sort of thing should not be in the public domain and i find it utterly abhorrent that it is shoved in front of me like this. if it was up to me i would have all these establishments closed down with immediate effect. javea does not want or need them in my opinion. end of