Live and hang on to the biggest party in Valencia, ‘Las Fallas.’

Publishing date 9/03/2016

Load up on energy and let your senses emerge with the ‘Fallas’ in Valencia. Acoustic and visual performances, scents and floral fragrances, interactions, flavors... Valencia offers so much ... that you will not be able to rest, you will just enjoy.
Live and hang on to the biggest party in Valencia, ‘Las Fallas.’

Throb with fire events, which are usually at noon, the mascletaes, which take place at  Valencia’s townhall square until the 19th of March; stunning fireworks at night, which reach their peak on the early morning of the 18th with the Nit del Foc, a unique firework display in the world and at 7a.m., as the Cavalcada Foc.

Stroll through the most typical neighborhoods and the local environment such as ‘El Carmen’, ‘Russafa’, ‘El Mercat’ or the ‘Eixample’ and get enraptured with ‘falleros’ artistic monuments. Listen, feel and dance the music of their bands, concerts, festivities or festivals, participate in contests, taste paella or the traditional chocolate donut, choose an afternoon ‘Fair Fallas’, rejoice at the sight of ignition lights, with the veil of the city’s patron virgin, which is made of flowers bouquets of the ‘falleras’ or the lush costumes of the ‘festeros’, admire the Great Moor Parade of the ‘Falla Almirante Cadarso-Conde Altea’ and get excited with the cremà.1

But, like everything else, good things also come to an end. On March the 19th, the Fallas effigies are burnt: the kids' versions on the first place, then the big ones. The burning of the cardboard monuments, called cremà, starts at ten o'clock at night, when the small monuments are burned. Two hours later, the flames devour one by one the rest of the Fallas. The Falla of the Town Hall Square is the last one, and its huge pile is what makes each year the end of the Festival, although it also means the beginning of the following one.

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