València is committed to all forms of art with Japan Weekend and La Escuraeta

Publishing date 13/05/2019

Be immersed in art in all its forms in the different proposals that the city of València has prepared for you. Get together with the classically crafted pieces in the traditional market of La Escuraeta and get involved in the latest manga in the Japan Weekend of Feria València.
València is committed to all forms of art with Japan Weekend and La Escuraeta

This month of May, València oozes art with two main proposals: La Escuraeta and Japan Weekend. Surround yourself with the unique and original Japanese creations in the Salón del Manga and enjoy a pleasant day of craftsmanship in the traditional market la Escuraeta, next to the Cathedral.


La Escuraeta will showcase the best ceramics, clay utensils used for the preparation of delicious Valencian recipes, wooden tools for the kitchen and other traditional pieces of handicrafts from the Region. In this traditional market installed next to the Cathedral door Puerta de los Hierros, you will find all kinds of articles that define the essence of the city. Enjoy a different walk through the old town of València!


Jump from the traditional to the newest customs with the Manga Exhibition Japan Weekend 2019

The latest artistic creations of Japanese culture travel to Feria València to offer two days of music, drawing, presentations, talks and even costumes. In addition to purchasing manga series, figures of characters or comics, you can enjoy competitions of all kinds such as dance and karaoke or the art of cosplay, consisting of imitating manga characters. Tickets available!


Throughout the Japan Weekend three prominent figures will visit the fair: Jordi Cruz, the presenter of the arts and crafts program Art Attack, will show how he continues to unleash his creativity, now through YouTube with Brico Attack. Moreover, the Swedish internationally recognized cosplayer Tenkou, will show her art with wigs and clothes but also value the contestants. Finally, the singer HITT will perform live. WOW, come to the Manga Festival!


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