Valencia with children: the best plans for family entertainment

Publishing date 29/11/2017

Valencia is the perfect city to enjoy with the family. Children and adults will enjoy all the cultural plans that the city has to offer, from playgrounds, to exhibitions and educational routes.
Valencia with children: the best plans for family entertainment

Children will have lots of fun, they will discover Valencia playing and learning; and adults will have as much fun as children by their side.

If you are planning to visit Valencia with children, here are some of the best plans to enjoy the city with your family:


The Gulliver Park

This park, located in the Jardin of Turia, is a delight for the little ones. From the giant sculpture of Gulliver,they will discover ramps, slides, and stairs and tunnels where to play for hours and hours until they fall exhausted. Children will feel like Lilliputians and enjoy to the maximum without being in danger, as the sculpture is designed with soft materials and rounded shapes.


Biking lane with the young ones

The biking lane in Valencia goes further each passing day, and it is perfect for the whole family to enjoy a biking day going from the city to the beach, cycling along the promenade, to finish in any of its restaurants where you can enjoy good paella that the younger ones will absolutely love. And when the weather is nice, you can always stay on the beach playing with the sand and the waves.


Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

If your children discover that in Valencia there is a futuristic city full of corners where to learn and have a good time, they will want to spend hours there. And The City of Arts and Sciences has this and much more. 

Take advantage of the programme offered by L’Hemisfèric to see a film in three dimensions with the kids; at L’Oceanogràfic, they will be able to know all the animals from their favourite movies; and at Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe they will be able to use their more scientific abilities and hallucinate with dinosaurs and the non-stop Foucault pendulum.


Boat ride on L'Albufera

There is nothing children like more than a boat ride. The Parque Natural de L’Albufera can be easily reached by bus from the centre of Valencia. It is best to take this sail before sunset, to enjoy the sunset on the boat. The younger guests will enjoy the sail by the lake while learning all about the birds living there.


Bioparc Valencia

Children will have fun discovering the animals of Africa, their names, how they live and how they are. There is nothing a child likes more than animals, and Bioparc has recreated their natural habitat so that children can learn all about them while having fun.


The Pirate Ship of the Parque de Cabecera

Can you imagine a pirate ship full of colours where children can play in the middle of the city of Valencia? Because at Parque de Cabecera, you will find it. You even have a pier where you can ride a pedal boat around the lake, enjoy the ducks, plenty of grass where to run and an amphitheatre.


Museum of Natural Sciences

Located in Jardines de Viveros inValencia, the Museo de Ciencias Naturales is the perfect place for children to spend a day while learning. They will not only learn about nature, but will also have fun for hours. In addition, the museum features workshops and visits designed especially for the little ones.


Without any doubt, Valencia is an ideal city to discover with children, as there are many activities for the little ones to enjoy with the family.

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