In search of the mountain beaches in the Valencia Region

Publishing date 29/07/2016

We offer different options to take a bath far away from the beach, in some of the most spectacular natural pools that Valencia Region has.
In search of the mountain beaches in the Valencia Region

Beach or mountain? If you do not have a very clear answer it is because maybe you need some middle ground. The natural pools formed by the rivers are ideal for the pleasure of sticking a dip in the sweet and fresh water of the countryside, surrounded by trees to nap, have a picnic or playing cards in the shade. Here you will find some of the most interesting natural pools of the Valencia Region.

Our first stop is La Fuente de los Baños, basically the source where these baths start, located in Montanejos, a mountain village inside the province of Castellon, where the Mijares river leaves behind different natural pools equipped with picnic and play areas for the little ones. It is a paradise of vertical walls (if you are fond of climbing or canyoneering you should not miss this wonderful place) with numerous hiking trails. The water maintains a temperature of 25 degrees throughout the year due to the hot fumes from underground. It is one of the most popular natural pools of Castellón so it is advisable to arrive early to break camp in a good place.

Still Castellón, at the famous spot known as the Salto de la Novia, Navajas, the Palancia river delights us with the spectacular waterfall Brazal, a waterfall of more than 30 meters high. Local legends speak about how brides in the past were jumping from the edge to ensure a happy marriage. However, this is a dangerous place to do such a jump, so it is forbidden. The setting is beautiful enough to keep the adrenaline at bay. Facing the waterfall, you can see Mount Rascaña and Cueva del Reloj.

We travel now to the beginning of Tuéjar River in the Valencian town with the same name. Here you will find Pozo de las Escaleras, a lagoon of crystal clear water at 18 degrees all year around. The pool is nestled in the recreational area of ​​El Azud, a perfect place for walking, playing sports, relax, have a bath and enjoy the lush vegetation on the banks of the lagoon.

The Turia River, when passing through Bugarra, is one of the few river beaches in the province of Valencia surrounded by the mountains of Chiva and Chulilla. The river slows at this point and forms a large swimming pool, ideal to enjoy bathing and the many shadows of the poplars and weeping willows.

Still in the province of Valencia, the Clariano River rises in the Pou Clar Ontinyent, in a place of unique beauty that stands out for the eroded pools in calcareous rounded rocks. The first contact with the crystal clear turquoise hues will leave you breathless taking away all the warmth and within minutes you will be enjoying one of the most spectacular natural pools in the Valencia Region. The river area has various recreational and picnic areas.

The last of the row could be the first, since we are talking about a natural area of ​​great ecological importance, which was declared a Wetland Protected by the Government in 2002. Les Fonts de l'Algar is undoubtedly one of the natural pools highlights of the Spanish territory. In the Alicante town of Callosa d'en Sarria, near Benidorm, at the bed of the Algar river (which means "cave" in Arabic) leaves behind spectacular waterfalls, springs, pristine backwaters to enjoy bathing, an ancient dam, a canal and century-old canals still in use. This is one of those places which you only find in dreams.

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