Let's all fly the cachirulo in Valencia

Publishing date 6/04/2015

Only the sea, the sky and the wind set limits on the kites flying in the Valencian beach of Malva-rosa. Every spring, the International Festival of Wind “City of Valencia” fills the sky with all colors, sizes and shapes. This festival, celebrated in the city for long years, is based on man's dominion over the wind to the point of creating art. This weekend, a show not to be missed is offered in the city of Valencia.
Let's all fly the cachirulo in Valencia

On the 11th and 12th of April, the beach of Malva-rosa in Valencia hosts the 18th International Festival of Wind “City of Valencia”. For two days, light kites with a flat rack, born out of the passion of its creators, will crown the privileged and pure Valencian sky. For two days, the cachirulos will fly over the Valencian sky to perform intrepid pirouettes to the astonishment of the public. Other activities have been prepared, such as static parades, children's workshops to build up a kite, wind gardens, multiple flights or in pairs, and an exhibition of giant kites.

The Chinese are the inventors of kites, as well as gunpowder, paper, compass and the abacus, all of them more than two thousand years years ago. At that time, flying a kite was not a hobby; these rare artifacts served the inhabitants of far away China to ward off evil spirits, to ask for abundant crops or as a strategic element in war time. Later on, the silk and spices traders spread the art of kite flying from China to Japan and India, and from there to the Mediterranean, where it became a hobby.

For centuries, kites have been birds and other animals, inventions of the past and future gadgets, giants and dwarves, mountains and clouds which filled the sky with the colors of the rainbow. Red, green, yellow, square, round or rectangular; kites small as the palm of a hand or huge, of over 25 meters long, remain a fun hobby that floods the spring sky with color.

The festival, attended each year by over 60,000 spectators, is aurally decorated with a programmed played through the sound system, expressly created for each event and for their sponsors. In the various exhibitions, music and candles create symphonies in the wind, there are performances that transmit fantastic tales to the viewer and also kite competition in a perfect synchrony in the sky.

Come and enjoy a bold and spectacular event, where technique, coordination and avant-garde materials combine and get advantage of the physical laws in favor of the show and the public. An event that is creative as well, with artists who create stories and passionate tales about the wind. Let's fly the kite everybody!

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