Delicious IVAM

Publishing date 23/09/2013


The IVAM takes you on a journey through vineyards and delicacies with the Francesc Guillamet and Miquel Francés exhibitions. Come and enjoy two mouth-watering gastronomic displays: El bodegón recuperado and Escribiendo el paisaje del vino, now in their final days at the Valencia-based museum.



Delicious IVAM


You have until 28 September to gaze at the amazing images produced by Guillamet and Francés. Two exhibitions that allow you to enjoy fine food and wine without a morsel or a drop passing your lips, immersing you in visually stunning worlds of aromas and flavours.


The projection Escribiendo el Paisaje del vino. Enografías by Miquel Francés is a photomontage about how the landscape has evolved and the amazing range of colours in it, featuring images taken by Francés in the wine-growing area of Els Alforins.




El bodegón recuperado by Francesc Guillamet is part of the Art and Gastronomy project and shows a set of 50 photographs taken throughout his career as a food and drink photographer. In the images of creations by Ferrán Adrià, Sergi Arola and the Roca brothers, plus the exquisite confectionery made by Francisco Torreblanca, Guillamet's photography shows a high degree of technical perfection combined with his knowledge of art history. His work includes references to modern painting and abstract languages, from geometry to lyrical poetry.


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