Teulada / Moraira

A genuine paradise set amongst the greenery of the Costa Blanca. Teulada-Moraira is a first-class tourist resort with excellent facilities and services. It has eight kilometres of coastline, and three magnificent beaches of fine sand alternating with small, picturesque, rocky coves, like the playa de L’Ampolla, which we can see in this webcam. Enjoy over 80 restaurants with an almost infinite range of gastronomic delights, fiestas and handcraft products sold in small shops and a street market. Network of webcams of the Region of Valencia

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A positive outcome this time!

A positive outcome this time! previous experience of Doncaster was 6 points, a hefty speeding fine and an afternoon in magistrates court. Glad you share my love of this little piece of Spain, have been visiting now for over 20 years and have seen how it's changed, some good, some bad but that's the way it goes. We'll be there in May for a week and I'm already counting down the days! Buy you a cerveza if you're around?

Interesting reply from Stoke

Interesting reply from Stoke on Trent on 9th Jan.Quite a significant date here in Donny for some reason I am not too sure of!.Do the names Ferguson and Hughes ring any bells in any way.

Muchas Gracias mi

Muchas Gracias mi amigo. Feiz Navidad from your friends in Stoke on Trent!

From Doncaster, Feliz

From Doncaster, Feliz Navidad.to all the wonderful people there

This is offensive, please

This is offensive, please remove.

Moraira is a cosmopolitan

Moraira is a cosmopolitan town and is not only frequented by British visitors but Dutch, French and people from Madrid. Please do not be racist against British people. There is good and bad in all nations do not lump everyone into one.

i am an Englishman

i am an Englishman (Doncastrian) who has been visiting this lovely place for the last 8 years or so.We both fell in love with the area and the people almost instantly.It is what it says on the tin a paradise.inhabited by wonderful spanish people. along with other nationalities.Respecting the locals and traditions is,in my opinion,obligatory, as it should be in any place where "we" are "guests".They all earn and deserve that "treatment".Should I ever be in a financial position to go and live alongside these people, my dreams would have come true.

The older I get the more I

The older I get the more I can't wait to get back to my house in Cumbre del Sol. I'm learning Spanish, will not take one penny from the state and will respect Spanish customs, even though many things are different here in Scotland. I love Moraira and the Costa Blanca and will come with nothing but respect and admiration.

After visiting many places on

After visiting many places on the coastline of Spain, this has to be the best in my opinion. Absolutely stunning, perfect beaches, coves and landscape. The area has some superb places to eat to suit everyone. There are a number of really nice hotels at sensible prices.

Your comment pretty shallow

Your comment pretty shallow and unwarranted. My family and I are British, we often visit Moraira and find it magical. Like a fine wine, it improves with age. We enjoy the multicultural atmosphere and do our best to fit in, sampling the culture and doing our best to learn and use the Spanish language. We consider ourselves 'not your typical Brits abroad' because we treat Moraira as it should be...somebody else's home that we visit. We are hatching plans to come and live full time in Moraira, yes more Brits in paradise. Our aim is to integrate not convert or conquer, become Spanish British. Long may Moraira flourish. We certainly have no desire to 'stay away' when our Euros have helped and will continue to support local trade and business. Your comments are short sighted at best!