Play with fire in La Cordà de Paterna

Publishing date 28/07/2017

Gunpowder and fire in a dance that has deserved to be declared a Festivity of National Tourist Interest. La Cordà de Paterna (Valencia) is much more than shooting fireworks. If you are looking for experiences that make your heart dance, you have to come on the last Sunday of August.
Play with fire in La Cordà de Paterna

The Cordà de Paterna is a special Festivity of National Tourist Interest that displays gunpowder and fire. With more than a century of history, the Cordà is not only about firing crackers, it is a way of feeling and living the festivity as well as a way to defend the values that Paterna's ancestors transmitted.

Festivities in Paterna mean activities around the fire: castles of fireworks and mascletaes (firecrackers), cracker passacaglias, the Fire Culture Week, the traditional peça or bouet… They all lead to the festivity culmination: La Cordà. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of August. Thousands of people will come willing to behold a unique event in the world for its magnitude and spectacularity.

The technique developed by the shooters was learned throughout generations and it is essential for a non-stop show in which the man has to keep a graduated balance and in which he dominates the fire thanks to his ability. “Cohetódromo” (rocket/cracker ring), do not forget that name. It is the place where magic happens. In a bit more than 20 minutes, around 350 people will shoot more than 70,000 crackers and will create a collective show including fire, smoke, lights and noise that is difficult to describe.

Make the most of your visit to Paterna. The area is mainly covered by farmlands and offers the possibility to enjoy its tranquillity and traditions in an easy way. Paterna's symbol is the Tower but you must also check out the caves, its natural areas and the Pottery Museum, among others.

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