Vias Ferratas for Climbing Enthusiasts in València

Publishing date 7/11/2018

In València you can practice many adventure sports, and not only on the water but also in the inland areas of the region.
Vias Ferratas for Climbing Enthusiasts in València

For the more adventurous without fear of heights, today we introduce you to the world of the Vias Ferratas, a way to enjoy nature and the mountain for climbing lovers.


What are Vias Ferratas?


Vias Ferratas are mountain routes which include the help of hooks, nails, zip lines, and bridges. They can be both vertical as well as horizontal and always should be taken safety measures, starting with a steel cable that secures the participants. Its difficulty varies between K1, the simplest ones for beginners, and K6 that would be of great difficulty only for experts. To venture into a Via Ferrata for the first time, you must start with a K1, where only a minimum of physical preparation is needed. There are even simple Vias Ferratas designed for little ones!


Vias Ferratas in the Region of València

In the Region of València there are a large number of areas enabled as Vias Ferratas of various difficulties, distributed by the three provinces: Fuente del Chorrico (Tous), L'Aventador (Xàtiva), La Norte del Cid ( Petrer), Les Marujes (Tavernes de la Valldigna), Ponoig (Polop), Roca del Molí (Alcora), Mondragó (Vall d'Uixó), Xorret de Catí (Castalla), Moleta redona (Chert), La Mulatica (Andilla) , Los Fresnos (Quesa), Penya del Figueret (Relleu), Sierra de la Villa (Villena), and Roca Figueral (Sierra Engarcerán) among others.

If you do not suffer from vertigo and you are a climbing lover you should try ascending by one of these Vias Ferratas where you will get an adrenaline shot while enjoying nature. Do you dare?

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