Sleeping in a lighthouse: a unique experience

Publishing date 28/07/2017

Lighthouses have something special. It might be for the almost hypnotic power which symbolises the sea, but lighthouses capture our fantasy and our romantic feelings. Perhaps, you have also dreamt about sleeping in one of these lighthouses that have guarded the shores and protected sailors for hundreds of years. Today, fulfilling that dream is not impossible and sleeping in lighthouses and touring them is becoming a trend.
Sleeping in a lighthouse: a unique experience

If you are one of those who feel happy while beholding beautiful sunsets, starry skies and the waves breaking against the cliffs, sleeping in a lighthouse will indeed make you happy. By travelling around the world (the US, Australia, Chile or many other countries in Europe), you will be able to find lighthouses where to find accommodation as if they were a hotel; you will be amazed by their beauty, originality and the value of their surroundings.

The Region of Valencia hosts some of the most charming lighthouses in the Mediterranean coast and you may soon be able to sleep in some of them. For the moment, do not hesitate to visit us because the lighthouse tourism is amust.

The lighthouse in Tabarca is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the province of Alicante. It is located in the island of Tabarca, the only inhabited island in the Region of Valencia. It was first lit in 1854 and it now hosts a biological laboratory.

The lighthouse in Cullera dates back from 1858. It is located in the Cape of Cullera, in the province of Valencia, and it is one of the most important lighthouses in the Valencian coast. It cannot be visited as of yet.

The lighthouse in Peñíscola is located in the province of Castellón and has a spectacular location at 56 metres above the sea level. The lighthouse is perfectly integrated in Peñíscola's old town. It cannot be visited for now but the views in its surroundings are astonishing.

It is foreseen that after some time, some of these and other lighthouses will also turn into hotels and the dream of sleeping in a lighthouse will become a reality in the Region of Valencia too.

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