Immerse yourself in the natural pools of the Region of Valencia

Publishing date 7/07/2019

Refresh and recharge yourself with a bath in natural landscapes. From Castellón to Alicante, passing through València, waterfalls, fluvial beaches, rivers and all kinds of splendid scenarios await you so you can feel in paradise. One of the bests experiences that the Region of Valencia offers are the natural pools. We list here some for you to take all the tranquillity, fun and the richness of their environments.
Immerse yourself in the natural pools of the Region of Valencia

Castellón has two natural pools that seem living postcards: the Salto de la Novia and the Fuente de los Baños. The first one, in Navajas, has an incredible 60-meter waterfall, which hides the Cueva del Reloj. The Palancia River forms the pools of transparent water that surround them, and these are perfect for bathing. The river Mijares gives us the 25 degrees of the pool Fuentes de los Baños, in Montanejos, an ideal destination for adventure tourism.
We move now to València to talk about two transparent puddles: Quesa and El Gruñidor, two inescapable visits in Quesa and in Sot de Chera, where waterfalls and springs create two spaces of total calmness.

At the fluvial beach of Bugarra and the Sellent river, in the small town of Bolbaite, and El Azud, in Tuéjar,  you will enjoy the comfort of three natural locations suitable for bathing in the most natural environment. Towards the south, the capital of the Vall d'Albaida, Ontinyent, welcomes the birth of the Clariano River, where you'll find stone pools and crystal clear water, surrounded by a pine forest: the Pou Clar. We can’t leave València without talking about the Gorgo of the stairs, in Anna, a vast canyon sculpted by water.

In Alicante, the Gorg del Salt (Planes), and the Font de l'Algar (Callosa d'en Sarrià) present pure waters and landscapes of exceptional ecological wealth that will captivate you.

Gestalgar, Casas del Río, Pedralba, Jalance, Alcoy, Fuentes de Ayódar, Poble Nou de Benitatxell ... The list of natural pools in the Region is very long: enjoy them all!

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