How to Spot Whales and Dolphins in the Costa Blanca

Publishing date 20/11/2017

If you are a nature lover and enjoy watching animals in their natural environment, we have excellent news: there is a place in the Comunitat Valenciana where you can spot dolphins and whales easily.
How to Spot Whales and Dolphins in the Costa Blanca


We talk about the Alicante Coast. Where exactly? And, how can we enjoy this natural spectacle responsibly? Today, we are going to give you all the information needed and a few tips to behave properly.

Where to see dolphins and whales?

The most recommended place to spot dolphins and whales in the Comunitat Valenciana is, without a doubt, Cabo de San Antonio, located between Jávea and Dénia. Each year the sightings of bottlenose dolphins and fin whales increase; a gift from nature!

The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most common dolphin species. They measure between 1 and 4 meters, weigh from 100 to 300 kg and can swim at about 35 km/h. They are intelligent and sociable animals, who travel in groups and are absolutely precious. Although Cabo de San Antonio is the place where more sightings have occurred, it is also common to see them swimming in the areas of Isla de Tabarca, in Serra Gelada Natural Park and around the Columbretes Islands.

The fin whale is the second largest species of whale in the world: it can measure up to 24 meters and weigh more than 80 tons. It is usual to take a group tour to see these whales because they usually swim in deep waters. Sometimes they pass very close to shore in the Costa de Denia, and you can see them from the mainland. It is a luxury to see these incredible animals swimming free in their natural habitat. If you are interested, it is best to try the migration season (spring and summer months), when they swim from the Ligurian coasts to the Atlantic Ocean.

Besides, there is an observatory, the Dénia Cetacean Observatory, which allows you to see these huge cetaceans swimming near the coast of Alicante, without having to ride a boat. But the area of ​​Cabo de San Antonio is not the only place in Alicante where you can see dolphins and whales in freedom: there are also several sightings in Torrevieja.

How to it responsibly?

If one of your dreams is to see dolphins and whales up close, you can contact one of the many companies that offer boat trips. Trust only companies that love and respect these animals, which have been working on this for years and who know how to deal with them. An excellent option in the province of Alicante is OxyTours.

According to the Faada website, some of the guidelines that must be followed to be able to see cetaceans responsibly are:

  • Avoid getting too close to the animal and of course, avoid direct contact.

  • Never feed them to get close, or corner them.

  • Avoid sudden sounds and movements.

  • Do not spend too much time around them and move away very slowly if you see symptoms of stress or discomfort in the animals.

If during your visit you believe that any of these rules are violated, please express your disagreement to the captain. Have you ever seen these animals in freedom? Do you know other places on the Costa de Alicante and Comunitat Valenciana where you can spot dolphins and whales?


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