The best Festivities of Touristic Interest in winter

Publishing date 29/12/2017

In the Region of Valencia you cannot only enjoy splendid beaches or fun is only concentrated in summer, in winter this region offers a variety of curious and spectacular traditional festivals that will surprise everyone who visits them. In this post we will tell you the festivities of Tourist Interest in the Region of Valencia that you cannot miss this winter.
The best Festivities of Touristic Interest in winter


January starts strong as far as festivities of Tourist Interest are concerned. We begin on 5th January with the Cabalgata de Reyes Magos in Alcoy, considered the oldest in Spain and of an exceptional beauty. It is classified as Fiesta of National Tourist Interest.


The Wise Men cross the city on the backs of their camels until they reach the Plaza de España, where they are with the child Jesus and offer Him their gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But these will not be the only gifts that are distributed: the children of the village will return home with handfuls and handfuls of candy, as the tradition orders.


The Fiestas of San Antonio Abad, on 17th January, take us to Canals and Forcall. The Santantonà of Forcall is a medieval feast around fire declared Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest. The feast is a popular recreation on the life of the Saint, linked to the cabin-bonfire, where unique characters take part. In Canals, they also celebrate San Antonio Abad dramatically and the adjective refers faithfully to the size of the fire that is burned, one of the largest in the world with a height of between 17 and 25 meters. Join the people shouting "Vitol!”


The Festa of the Carxofa Benicarló, between 23rd and the 29th January, it is a Festival of Tourist Interest and a gastronomic wonder. The artichoke, product with Designation of Origin, is the main character of this feast to prepare all kinds of popular tasting of dishes prepared with Benicarló Artichoke. The restaurants of the city prepare complete menus, all of them really impressive.


The last Festival of Tourist Interest begins in January and ends in February. Of course, we are talking about the famous Carnival, which is held in towns of tradition as Pego in Alicante or Villar del Arzobispo in Valencia; but we are going to focus on the one held in Vinaròs. It takes place 40 days before the start of Lent and lasts for no more and no less than 11 days. There are many events, such as the imposition of bow ties to the banners of the comparsas, the proclamation of the queens, two large parades to be held in the last weekend, different sport, cultural, gastronomic acts.



In this month, there are two Festivities of Tourist Interest that we find. Moros y Cristianos in Bocairent are held the first Friday of February. Their roots, tradition, color and culture make of this holiday one of the most attractive. The variety of clothing, music and gunpowder will trap both visitors and participants in a festive environment difficult to despise.


And, of course, Requena welcomes proudly its Muestra de Embutido Artesano y de Calidad from 9th to 11th February. Discover, taste, get fascinated with the most traditional sausages of the zone and don't forget to pair them with wines from the D.O. Utiel-Requena or cava from Requena. Sausages, black pudding, sobrasadas (spread), salami, sausages and cheeses, and sweets, you will be hooked up.



March is the month of the Fallas and of the Magdalena. Without doubt, they are the queens of the feasts of the Region of Valencia marked in the calendar in large bold letters and expected throughout the year.


The Fallas begin with the Plantà, the moment when the artists take out of the workshop their falla monuments, in those they have been working for a whole year and end up on 19th March, with the Cremà, when all these impressive works of art burn down. One of the key moments of the Fallas is the Mascletà; a firework show during which they fire thousands of firecrackers and which takes place every day from 1st to 19th March at 14:00 h in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Other municipalities which also celebrate Fallas are Benicarló, Alzira, Sagunto, Gandía, Torrent and Xàtiva. You will have to discover them.


The Feasts of the Magdalena in Castellón, they commemorate the origins of the city, recalling the transfer of the city from the hill of the Magdalena to the fertile coastal line in 1251. Mythology, tradition, legend and history mingle with concerts, fireworks, companies with shows, international musical groups, gaiatas and collas. The joy and the light invade the streets. Enjoy it!


The winter calendar closes with Benidorm. On 16th March, they celebrate the Commemoration of the Discovery of the Virgin of the Suffrage.


That’s the most important about the winter festivities to which you must follow the track. Soon you will have news about the Festivities of Tourist Interest in spring. Soon to come! 

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