In 2018, conquer the highest mountains in the Region of Valencia

Publishing date 20/12/2017

Hiking and climbing is a very popular activity. A lot of people often put their boots on and undertake demanding paths to conquer mountains almost as if it was an addiction. The effort and fatigue associated with this activity is rewarded at the summit, where you will be delighted at the views and a feeling of euphoria for having overcome a challenge will invade you.
In 2018, conquer the highest mountains in the Region of Valencia

In the Region of Valencia, you cannot miss the opportunity to practice this sport, as it offers some of the most mountainous provinces of Spain: Alicante and Castellon, with an infinite variety of peaks, valleys and mountains. Would you like to know what are the highest 5 mountains in the Region of Valencia?


Alto de las Barracas (1,839 m), Valencia.

The highest peak in the Region of Valencia is the Alto de las Barracas with its towering 1,839 meters in height. Any Valencian mountaineer will want to climb this monster at least once. The peak is located on the border of the Region of Valencia with Aragon and many local still called it wrongly Cerro Calderón, as a result of a topographical misinterpretation of a report. The path to climb it is well signposted and you can take the lane from different points. The summit itself may disappoint a little, as it is a rounded hill instead of being a steep peak, but the views from the top are astonishing.


Penyagolosa (1,813 m), Castellón.

The majestic Penyagolosa is the roof of the Province of Castellón and one of the highest mountains in the Region of Valencia. Although it is only the second highest mountain, it is probably the most emblematic in the Region and it is shared between two regions of the Province: Valencia and Alto Mijares. Who has not heard of Caminos de Penyagolosa, the starting path that leads to the beautiful shrine of San Juan Bautista? The Penyagolosa is a reference of the Valencian culture and history. The important effort required to reach the summit of this almost mythical mountain is rewarded by the spectacular views from the top.


Gavilán (1,747 m), Valencia. 

The Gavilan (or just Gavilán), it is already on the podium of the highest mountains of the Region of Valencia with its 1,747 meters. The Gavilán peak is in the Parque Natural de Puebla de San Miguel, very close to his neighbour, the Alto de las Barracas - the highest peak. The path to climb to the summit is the same that leads to the Alto de las Barracas, but at some point you will find a fork on the path and a sign which indicates the path up to the Gavilán.


Cabezo de Las Cruces (1,710 m), Castellón.

On the border between Valencia and Aragon, there it raises the summit of Cabezo de las Cruces in the Sierra de Gúdar Mountains. To ascend to Cabezo de Las Cruces you have to start the way from Cortes de Arenoso (840 m), a village located in the region of Alto Mijares. Along the path, you will cross the beautiful pine forests and beech woods through a track that remains in good part along the river Cortes. You will then need to deviate by the Arroyo Podrido and passing by Masía de las Cruces you will reach the peak of Cabezo de Las Cruces. 


Tossal dels Mollats (1,656 m), Castellón.

El Tossal dels Mollats (Tossal dels Montllats) lies to the west of the town of Vilafranca, on the border between Castellón and Teruel. It is the highest peak in the region of Els Ports with 1,656 meters of height. The environment offers a great variety of landscapes with wild forests of pines and oaks, which are interspersed with mountain meadows. The climb from Vilafranca is quite long and steep during which we must overcome a drop of 600 meters. If you want to shorten the path, you can approach to the summit by car until the Fuente del Regatxal. The views from the top are wonderful, on a clear day you can even see the distant peaks of the Pyrenees.  

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