Surround yourself with crafts and ecology in a new edition of the “Arrabal Cultural” of Chelva

Publishing date 10/06/2019

The Arrabal Market in Chelva invites you to discover and explore, among dozens of booths, a whole world of hand-made products, workshops, activities and a festive atmosphere. Write it on the agenda now: June 15 and 16!
Surround yourself with crafts and ecology in a new edition of the “Arrabal Cultural” of Chelva

Dozens of exhibitors return to the Plaza Mayor and Calle del Arrabal to turn them into a meeting of tradition and sustainability with the “Mercado Artesanal y Ecológico Arrabal Cultural” (Artisan and Organic Market Arrabal Cultural). The exhibition will extend throughout the weekend to enjoy two days of culture and party in the Moorish quarter of Chelva. Save the date!


The theatre company L’Estranya Companya will inaugurate the event in the Plaza Mayor with the announcement of the opening of the Arrabal Market. Starting at 5:30 p.m. you can enjoy the most diverse activities in “Arrabal Cultural”. The ceramics workshops will be combined with performances as you walk through the booths, discover eco-friendly and handcrafted products and taste the homemade delicacies offered by the local brands. Do not forget to enjoy the flavours of the authentic and join the “summer truffle show cooking”. Here,  you will learn the properties of La Serranía truffles, how to prepare them and most importantly ... its unique flavour!


During the weekend, the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Chelva and the Hermitage of the Desamparados will inaugurate, respectively, the exhibitions The Iberians in La Serranía and the #SororidadSerrania, a project with which Chelva joins Hilando Vidas.


A “torta y tarta” (torte and cake) contest, two flamenco-rumba fusion concerts by Juanele & Aché,  the performance of Ellipses Ensemble and a guided tour through the Mudejar-Moorish neighbourhood. Join this terrific cultural festival!

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