Color, parades and historical representation conquer Alcoy in spring

Publishing date 13/04/2016

Moors and Christians of Alcoy, is held next 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April and is one of the most amazing parties that exist in Spain.
Color, parades and historical representation conquer Alcoy in spring

Are you going to miss one of the most vibrant festivals of Valencia Region? A party where the epic merge together with music, parades, color, dress, exoticism, gunpowder and historical representation. The Moors and Christians of Alcoy is a celebration which takes place in the province of Alicante and as every April, with the beginning of spring it is celebrated to surprise thousands of visitors, the way they unite around its medieval history and honor their patron, St. Jorge. Is such deployment and dipping the city of the time, the place was declared of International Tourist Interest in 1980. It is something to see. And feel. It is worth noting every detail of this celebration.

The celebration commemorates the uprisings of Muslims who inhabited the area in the year 1276. According to legend, St. Jorge appeared astride his horse to help the city in a battle in which the Muslim leader died. The celebration is divided into three days of fun, culture and tradition. The first day is the “Entradas”, the second day is dedicated to St. Jorge, and the third day is the “Alardo”. All three are known as the ‘Partying Trilogy’.

During the days 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April, masquerades are celebrated in Alcoy. The city changes and is like in a fairytale. The first day, “Las Entradas” dawns with the ringing of the bells of Santa Maria. The main square called “Plaza España” full of crowd awaits that each 'filà' parade through the center of Alcoy, under the rhythm “pasodobles”. “La Entrada Cristiana” commemorates the arrival of the armies of the cross to defend the city from the Saracens. “La Entrada de los Moros” puts us into an oriental atmosphere with turbans, exotic dances, African warriors... The second day, 23rd, is San Jorge, a day of devotion. The last day, the “Day of Alardo”, skirmishes, swords, shotguns and muskets, armor, the fights, all together in a unique, original party

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