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  • Arròs a banda

    Arròs a banda is a very highly esteemed dish nowadays and undoubtedly one of the most famous in the Region of Valencia. Originally the rice was cooked with leftover fish from t...

  • Gazpacho marinero (seafood stew)

    The roots of Valencian gastronomy can be found mainly in the sea and the vegetable garden, making it possible to enjoy dishes such as gazpacho marinero, which combines the deepest flavours f...

  • Picture of a Olleta

    Olleta is the most representative dish of the mountainous areas of Alicante and inland Valencia. It is a moist stew, but one of the most refined versions....

  • Borreta de melva (Frigate mackerel stew)

    A dish intrinsically linked to local cuisine from the north coast of Alicante, such....

  • Pastissos de Moniato

    The Region's most typical Christmas sweet is pastís de moniato (sweet potato pastry). Arabic in origin, they are usually made as small pastries and, there...

  • Coca farcida

    One of the most popular recipes with different variations, which can be found in many ovens and bakeries all around the Region of Valencia. It is baked flour and...

  • Picture of Allipebre in a paella

    Eel stew with All i Pebre (a sauce made using garlic and paprika) is, undoubtedly, one of the most authentic dishes from the Region of Valencia, and one of the most famous, after pael...

  • Arroz Caldoso con Conejo y Verduras (Rice with rabbit and vegetables)

    Dish prepared in a stew pot which includes, as well as rabbit, several traditional ingredients in Valencian cuisine, such as the ñora pepper and garrofón butter....


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