The Moors and Christians

The Moors and Christians

It does more than 30 years that a group of friends of Manises decided to form one "comparsa". A year later they began to march past by the high street of the locality, without imagining that they would be the germ of a tradition that today has become one of the main reclamations of the Celebrations of Manises.

The Moors and Christians of Manises are one of which greater wide-awake sense of expectancy within the region of l'Horta. They constitute at the present time one of the main celebrations, because they agglutinate in its parades, a total of but of five hundred "fiesteros" and "fiesteras". They are explaining of light, magic, colourful, sound..., that fills the streets of Manises, during holidays and joy.

Comparsas which they participate in the Christian side is: "Cruzados Templarios", "Artal de Luna", "Els Boïls" and "Albardi". And those that represent the side Moor they are: Maseros, Menecil, Kelvies, Mitja Luna and Alt Nasid Salah Adin.

All of them we will be able to see in the different acts from Moors and Christians them who begin with the "Pregón" that puts the point departure of this celebration. Moor begins itself with the Embassy and the Entrance Moor, later marches past the Christian Embassy and it is finished with the Christian Entrance.

  • Details:
  • Town: Manises
  • Start date: 05/07/2016
  • End date: 10/07/2016
  • Primera quincena de julio

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