Vieira Telero

Griddled scallop with vegetables and ginger with a honeyed alioli gratin

Using top-quality products, the restaurant extols traditional flavours with modern touches, alternating such sophisticated dishes as griddled scallops with  vegetables and ginger with a honey and alioli gratin or baby octopus with a smoked potato parmentier. In this case, we present the Vieria Telero receipt, we hope you like it.


• 4 large scallops
• Vegetables: courgette, leek, and smaller amounts of carrot, Italian green pepper
and fresh ginger (only a little because it’s very strong)
• Alioli
• Orange blossom honey
• Fresh chives


Cut the vegetables into strips and sauté with a little oil, leave them al dente and place to one side. Blend the alioli with the honey – approximately 20% honey and 80% alioli. In a hot saucepan or griddle, cook the scallops until they are golden on the outside and rare inside.

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