Puig Val-Play Puig


Puig Val-Play Puig
Open beach converted into small creeks thanks to some spikes sheltering them from swell. They are of fine sand and of boulders in some stretches. On its border, a pleasant waterfront with gardens and splashed with palms gives the environment an attractive aspect.
  • Details:
  • Length: 869.00 m.
  • Average width: 40.00 m.
  • Occupancy: Alto
  • Available services:
    AccesibleAcceso Persona Movilidad ReducidaArena FinaArena GruesaCruz RojaEstado del MarGravaHotelesJuegos DeportivosLavapiesParada Bus/TaxiParkingPasarelasPlaya AbiertaPlaya Semi UrbanaPlaya UrbanaRestauranteVigilancia Marítima

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