Monuments in Valencia

  • Conjunto histórico artístico Elx/Elche

    La Vila Murada is the ancient medieval Christian City, within the city. Most of the historical buildings are within this walled enclosure, including the Palau d'Altamira, the Basilica de Santa María, La Calahorra, and the council building: La Torre del Consell.

  • 1603_val_imagen2-noimage.gif

    This fortification is found annexed to a house that dates from the 18th century. However, both have been greatly modified.

  • Misteri d'Elx

    The Misteri d'Elx is a lyrical drama, medieval in origin, which relates the Assumption of the Virgin into Heaven. This is the only work of its kind that has survived to the modern day, as the Council of Trent banned theatrical plays being acted out in holy pl...

    It was originally an Arabic tower that gave access to the city. Later an almudín was built next door, which was a building to store and weigh the wheat before taking it to the mills. In the XIX Century it became home to a Masonic lodge foundation, and was decorated with frescos depicting dail...
  • Torre del Consell Elx

    The Torre del Consell stands out because of the clock it has at the top. It is a mechanism from which two well-known human figures appear; Miguel Calendura, the larger one, makes the hours sound, and Vicentet Calendureta, the smaller of the two, announces the quarters.

  • The remains of the tower are in an orchard of palm trees, but its sorry state has left few of its Gothic details.

  • Was one of the fortifications built for the surveillance of the surrounding terrain, at the moment it is built into the side of a house in the same plot of land as the Santa Bárbara hermitage.

  • Baños Árabes Elche

    The Arab baths are inside the “Convento de La Merced”. They are very well conserved and reflect the city's past as being one of economic wellbeing and prosperity.

  • Basílica de Santa María Elx/Elche

    The Basilica Santa María was built upon an ancient mosque, a Gothic temple that stood until the XIV century when it was demolished and reconstructed in the XVI century in the Gothic-Renaissance style. This structure also didn’t last; the current basilica belongs to th...

  • Murallas y Torres

    The walled enclosure was used by the Christians to protect them from the surrounding Muslim populations. The wall was reconstructed, with modifications and restorations. The walls were once plagued with towers, from those that have survived are highlighted the Torre de Calaforra and the Towe...


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