Centres BTT - Recommendations for use

Indications and recommendations for use

  • Wearing of helmets is obligatory.
  • Indicate at the reception point which route you are going to do and nd out about technical aspects and the day’s weather conditions.
  • Don’t forget to check the condition of your bike and always carry water, warm clothing, repair kit and your mobile phone well charged.
  • Respect the environment, its inhabitants and the animals you come across, as well as private areas.
  • Select and ride along routes on the basis of your physical tness and technical ability.
  • You must obey the signposting of the routes, give way to pedestrians and full the normal trac regulations.
  • It is important to have adequate insurance cover. For that you can apply for insurance or a federal licence at any of the sports federations or clubs that cover mountain biking as one of their activities.
  • In the absence of signs indicating which way to follow at crossroads, ride along the preferred route.
  • The surroundings through which you will be passing are open, with unrestricted rights of way and the setting for many activities (forestry, livestock, arable farming), so maintain a thoughtful, understanding and respectful attitude.
  • The ATB Centre will not accept responsibility for the incorrect use of the routes or recklessness on the part of users.
  • Routes duration times are estimated and may dier depending on your physical and technical condition.

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