The first reference to the Plantá of a Falla (huge ornate cardboard figure, which is later burnt during the Valencian celebration of the feast of St Joseph) goes back to the year 1889. With 35 commissions it is currently, after Valencia, the city that places most Fallas. It also stands out for its Offering, where hundreds of falleros (those participating in the Fallas) lay down their bouquets in honour of the Mare de Déu del Lluch (Mother of God of Lluch). As a result of its attractiveness, the diversity of events, the number of people participating in the events and the intensity with which this fiesta is experienced it has received recognition as a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest.
  • Details:
  • Type: Interés turístico nacional
  • Town: Alzira
  • Start date: 24/02/2009
  • End date: 19/03/2009

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