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BTT en la Tinença de Benifassà

This activity is carried out on a Mountain Bike (or MTB) on mountainous terrain. This term is applied to all other cross-country terrain types that present many of the difficulties present in mountainous terrain, such as sand, dirt, mud, streams, etc.; obstacles: holes, rocks, logs, branches, ravines, etc.; various slopes and sinuous paths. Its goal is to carry out cross-country hikes on a mountain bike.

The Valencia Region, which presents an overall highly mountainous terrain, offers an endless amount of trailsfor you to follow and enjoy whilst riding an MTB. The MTB Centre Network (Red de Centres BTT) of the Valencia Region is at your disposal, with eight facilities spread throughout the Valencia Region, from which a good number of trails of varying levels of difficulty covering over 3.000 km start, as well as an extensive  calendar of marches and circuitsspread throughout the Valencia Region that will satisfy even the most demanding mountain cyclists.

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