Blue water kayaking. Canoeing

The peace of a short trip on board a kayak

kayak por el Xúquer

The queen of canoeing activities, it is often used to introduce beginners to other modes of kayaking. Indeed, kayaking in blue waters provides a safe and fun way of discovering kayaking, offering a new system to discover new landscapes and as a fun group activity you can enjoy with your colleagues, friends, family, etc.

Canoes may be single, double and even for four passengers, self draining kayaks (the most popular ones and the ones that are easiest to handle for tourists) or traditional sit-inside kayaks; in both types, the crewmen are located in a sitting position, and they use double-headed oars, which are normally made from fibreglass or polyethylene.

It is suitable for all types of tourists in normal physical condition, and it is also suitable for people with disabilities based on their physical limitations and organisation with proper resources. It can be performed year-round.

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