Amusing astro-tourism activities in Aras de los Olmos and Alpuente

Observatorio astronómico de Aras de los Olmos

Aras de los Olmos and Alpuente offer attractive activities for you to enjoy in combination with hiking routes, its valuable paleontological heritage, nature, gastronomy and BTT routes.

Aras de los Olmos is a place of great importance in the world of astronomy thanks to the quality of the sky here, one of the cleanest in Spain and free of light pollution. That’s the reason why it is one of the main choices in Valencia Region to observe the stars and it counts with the following facilities:

  • Astronomical Center in Alto Turia (CAAT) and the astronomical observatory of the Astronomical Association of Valencia (AVA)
  • Observatory of Aras de los Olmos (OAO)
  • Observatory of la Cambra (OLC)
  • Platform for telescopes

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