Nativos, active tourism

Mountain guides and trekking

Adventurous activities in Villena (Alicante ) for those who want to feel special, for all those who are passionate, who care for the environment and who wish to learn about it through their own eyes. A different way of enjoying active tourism in a safe and well-managed environment. Our native guides will lead you through a road full of new challenges and unique experiences.

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Senderismo cerca de Sant Joan de Penyagolosa
"All paths deserve to be explored, even when they do not lead anywhere". Paul Venham

The Valencia Region offers excellent infrastructure for hiking: it has over 5.000 kilometres of...

BTT en la Tinença de Benifassà

This activity is carried out on a Mountain Bike (or MTB) on mountainous terrain. This term is applied to all other cross-country terrain types that present many of the difficulties present in......


The ValenciaRegionoffers you plenty of opportunities to practice......


The slopes of the Iberian mountain range and the Baetic mountain ranges cross the Valencia Region, creating a coastal plain that runs across it from north to south until it reaches the north of...

Orientación en la montaña

Either walking or running, usually on foot and cross-country, participants must pass a series of established checkpoints using only a compass, some clues and a map.

Descenso de barrancos y rapel con Dondetuquieras

A climbing technique that allows you to use a rope to descend along vertical surfaces or cliffs. Apart from the rope, participants wear a harness and use a device called a descensor, whose design...

You will learn, through a number of activities meant to teach you skills on how to survive in nature without relying on anyone else.

Almost three quarters of the entire Valencia Region is made up of limestone, which promotes the formation of cavities as a consequence of the processes of dissolution of water as it filters into...


This activity involves carrying out a route on foot with specific equipment, going down the beds of rivers, torrents and canyons, overcoming natural obstacles by using different techniques common...


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