Geonatur, experiencias vivas en Chera

Geology, Nature and Rural Tourism

Come hand in hand with Geonatur to enjoy some of the most amazing landscapes and natural environments in our geography: Chera and Sot de Chera. A place to discover the quiet and traditional rural life by fully immersing yourself in nature.

Geonatur is synonymous with commitment, outreach and education for each activity you enjoy, expanding your knowledge on the natural environment. Delve into the fascinating world of geology; walk or pedal though one of the most abrupt and surprising regions of Valencia, where you can also go kayaking, climbing, canyoning and many other experiences that include educational, craft workshops and even activities on astrology.

Otras actividades organizadas por la empresa
Senderismo cerca de Sant Joan de Penyagolosa
"All paths deserve to be explored, even when they do not lead anywhere". Paul Venham

The Valencia Region offers excellent infrastructure for hiking: it has over 5.000 kilometres of...


The Valencia Region offers varied landscapes and a climate that is highly suitable for bicycle tourism. Beyond the trails that follow the mountains of Valencia, which are suitable for mountain...


The ValenciaRegionoffers you plenty of opportunities to practice......

Orientación en la montaña

Either walking or running, usually on foot and cross-country, participants must pass a series of established checkpoints using only a compass, some clues and a map.

Descenso de barrancos y rapel con Dondetuquieras

A climbing technique that allows you to use a rope to descend along vertical surfaces or cliffs. Apart from the rope, participants wear a harness and use a device called a descensor, whose design...

Tallers de naturaleza
Nature: the most fascinating classroom of all

Schools or seminars in which you learn about nature-related activities through practice. They are meant for all audiences, even though many of the...

Tiro con arco en el Mas de Xetà
Aim, and... shoot!

A sport based on precision and concentration, and whose ideal medium is the natural environment. A bow is made from a body ending in two flat, flexible ends to which a bowstring...


An activity in which participants slide down a steel or rope cable between two faraway points, secured around the waist. This activity is very much in demand in adventure sports circuits.


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