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Practice Aventure Sports, closer than ever.

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This activity consists in sailing down a river with variable levels of difficulty in a single canoe and with specific equipment, overcoming natural obstacles using different techniques and thus...

Senderismo cerca de Sant Joan de Penyagolosa
"All paths deserve to be explored, even when they do not lead anywhere". Paul Venham

The Valencia Region offers excellent infrastructure for hiking: it has over 5.000 kilometres of...

BTT en la Tinença de Benifassà

This activity is carried out on a Mountain Bike (or MTB) on mountainous terrain. This term is applied to all other cross-country terrain types that present many of the difficulties present in......


The ValenciaRegionoffers you plenty of opportunities to practice......

Puenting en Dos Aguas

Jump into the abyss from a bridge. Participants are secured by a harness and an elastic rope that goes from one side to the other of the cavity of the bridge. Participants follow a pendulum-like...


Sailing down tumultuous rivers in oar-powered, inflatable rafts for several people. In this activity teamwork is crucial, as the vessel can only be directed through co-ordinated movements of the...

Vías ferratas en la Comunitat Valenciana

Climbing a rocky slope that has been previously fitted with metal steps to help you climb. Participants are kept safe by ropes or webbings connected to a cord (lifeline). This activity is not......


This activity involves carrying out a route on foot with specific equipment, going down the beds of rivers, torrents and canyons, overcoming natural obstacles by using different techniques common...

Kayak en el río Turia con Valencia Adventure

Practice Aventure Sports, closer than ever.

Rafting con Valencia Adventure

Practice Aventure Sports, closer than ever.

Kayak en el río Turia con Valencia Adventure
Rafting con Valencia Adventure

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