Travel Proposals - Leisure and entertainment Comunitat Valenciana

  • Vlc_CaroHotel_Img3.jpg

    This hotel is urban, independent, modern, monumental, unique and extraordinary, located in the very centre of the city of Valencia.

    Design, functionality and comfort: these are the three pillars of the philosophy of the Caro Hotel. An urban, independent, modern, monumental, unique and extraordinary space, located in the very...

  • Cs_Skytime_Img2.jpg

    Skytime is the parachuting centre that is closest to the beach and with the best climatic conditions in all of Europe.

    Flying has always been one of humanity's most heartfelt desires, and parachute jumps may very well be the closest we can get to this sensation. The instructors at Skytime offer highly professional...

  • Castellnovo_MasiaDurba_Img1.jpg

    Masía Durbá is a renovated 18th century building that was originally built above the remains of a Roman villa.

    Masía Durbá is located in an exceptional enclave in Castellnovo (Castellón), between the sierra de Espadán and sierra Calderona natural parks, and only a few metres away from the Palancia river...

  • En ruta_Castalla_Img1.jpg

    As well as adventure sports, En Ruta Turismo offers nature trails, cultural trails, and gastronomic and wine-tasting trails.

    A team of professionals passionate about nature, adventure, sports and culture, tourism and mountain guides, monitors, sports technicians, all of whom are trained and certified and boast several...

  • VentadelMoro_Kalahariaventura_Img4.jpg

    Kalahari is a company based in Venta del Moro that offers multi-adventure services, outdoor training and trips to exotic countries.

    Kalahari Aventuras is a factory where the experiences of a lifetime are crafted. As pioneers who introduced sports new to the Valencia Region, including River SUP (stand up paddle surf), canyoning...


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