Adventure Sports Comunidad Valenciana

  • LaPoblaBenifassa_Moli_lAbad_Img2.jpg

    It has different rural or mountain hotels, a magnificent camping, wooden houses, huts and bungalows.

    Camping and rural Molí l'Abad hotel have everything for you to spend unforgettable days. All amenities, lots of activities and a privileged environment. You can stay in different rural or mountain...

  • Alcalali_Castell de la Solana_Img1.jpg

    Surprise your partner with a romantic weekend in an unforgettable place or be let yourself be seduced by the varied activities at Castell de la Solana.

    Are you looking for a special place to spend a few days in a beautiful rural setting? Castell de la Solana is a country hotel located at the foot of the mountain, in an estate of olive trees in...

  • Requena_Chozas_Carrascal_Img6.jpg

    The wine Utiel-Requena offers a wine tourism experience that dive into the secrets of an exceptional wine.

    In 1990, López-Peidro family decided to take an exciting project: to create quality wines in a unique environment. In the fine Chozas Carrascal, located in San Antonio halfway......

  • Hotel El Faixero _ Cinctorres

    This charming, welcoming hotel is in Cinctorres, a place with no overcrowdings where you don’t have to hurry up. El Faixero consists of two different buildings, one for those who wish to stay the...

    In El Faixero you’ll be able to choose between two different rooms. El Faixero Tradición is a familiar house that tries to get you closer to the town’s tradition. It’s an old, restored...

  • Vilafames_El_Jardin_Vertical_Img1.jpg

    A unique accommodation, wrapped in nature and located in the historic center of Vilafamés. Impossible to miss.

    Wrapped in nature, feel its freshness and aroma, be part of it. Those are some of the sensations you can feel in the Vertical Garden, situated right in the old town of Vilafamés...


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