Health, nature and adventure in Spa Natura Resort Peñíscola

Playas y calas, ocio y diversión

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You are what matters to us. So treat yourself to a staying in Spa Nature Resort, situated in the outskirts of the Orchard in Peñíscola, by the sea, on the skirt of the Natural Park and Sea Reserve of the Sierra de Irta. Don’t think about it.

Active or relaxing holidays, nature and adventure, health and beauty, both in bungalows and in cabins and also glamping as well as camping. In Spa Nature Resort Peñíscola you will find all the possible plans. And to tell you the truth, feeling all the benefits of the source water from the spa and enjoying bee-tourism in the midst of nature will make you stay fun, natural and unforgettable.

Apiculture is one of the most ancient jobs and it is becoming extinct. Take the opportunity of enjoying a Beekeeping Escape in Spa Nature where you will be able to discover what the wonderful world of the apiculture means. From the beehive to the pot, you will be shown all the process to manufacture and extract honey, the route of the bee and how they live in community and the beehive.

Another type of tourism is possible! Tourism engaged with the environment in Spa Nature Holiday Park. Solar plates, recycling of plastic to be employed in furniture and signalling production, system of recovery and treatment of residual waters, organic garbage compacted and used as compost… Do you ask for anything else?

And, they have a new system of self-designed Holidays which allows you to try different activities inside the same tourist package.

Optional services:

Complete your holidays in Peñíscola, between the Mediterranean Sea and Sierra de Irta. You will have a lot of atmospheres to choose from: his ancient city centre, the imposing castle-fortress, the maritime walk and the avenues in the touristic area, his extensive beaches and his friendly. A difficult choice.


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