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Altea (Hotel SH Villa Gadea)

 With the Mediterranean as a backdrop stands the SH Villa Gadea Thalasso Resort, a hotel located just three miles from the old sailor Altea (Alicante) who has to his credit with a view of incomparable beauty. Enjoy it as if you were staying in one of their suites as easy as seen by hovering the...

Altea Portet De L'Olla

From l'Olla beach, situated just a few kilometres from the town of Altea, you can glimpse some of the most emblematic sights of the Costa Blanca coast. The impressive Rock of Ifach, l'Illeta, on top of which the spectacular L'Ollala Castle is perched, and El Soio Cove are part of the rich landscape ...

Altea Maritime

From the blue-tiled domes of the church on Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, reflecting the sparkling sea visible from the heights of hilly Altea, the fishing village descends along cobbled, terraced streets flanked by whitewashed façades in true Mediterranean style to reach the beaches of Alt...