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Alicante Explanada

The most popular promenade in the city of Alicante is 'Explanada de España' running along the former port jetty, near to one of the beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca. Its characteristic patchwork of colours, flanked by rows of palm trees overlooking the Mediterranean sea is one of the most emb...

Alicante Centro

Set against the Benacantil and overlooked by Santa Barbara castle, the old city centre of Alicante has a remarkably old-world atmosphere with the streets leading up behind the concathedral, visible from the webcam at the centre of Alicante, opening out onto ancient squares with attractive, multicolo...

Alicante Puerto

Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, has all the requisites to make it an ideal city for easy Mediterranean living. It has a combination of the classical and the modern, a mix of business and pleasure, entertainment and educational opportunities, beaches and history. Nestling under the slopes of the Be...