Exhibition "Memoria del Reino en Ontinyent: 600 años de la Generalitat Valenciana"


The exhibition "La memoria del Reino, 600 años de la Generalitat Valenciana” held at the same palace of the Generalitat during the last year, has wanted to commemorate the sixth centenary of the creation of the Generalitat Valenciana, which was born with a fiscal and financial purpose, would end up having the highest political representation of the Kingdom.
To contemplate the exhibition in Ontinyent, it has been thought opportune to choose a sample of the material culture (archaeology, in charge of the MAOVA) and documentary (Historical Archive), basically of the foral period, which together with some photos of emblematic architectural elements.
From 30 April to 11 October you can visit the exhibition "Memòria del Regne a Ontinyent: 600 anys de la Generalitat Valenciana” in the Casa de la Cultura (Palau dels Barons de Santa Bàrbara, C/Maians nº26).
The timetable for this exhibition is: from Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00pm to 21:00pm (Holidays closed).

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