The Washing Place


Located in the neighbourhood of dels Castellets. The washing place was built in 1938 and is located at 290 metres height over the sea level. It stands next to the gully dels Castellets, where the remaining water ended up. It once was a public space where females socialized (in the industrialization period). Public washing places appeared in Valencian towns in the last quarter of the 19th century and became a general construction in the beginning of the 20th century. For its installation, it had to be located closet to a pool or irrigation ditch. The washing places in Serra take the water from fountains around the area. The washing place consisted in a simple and small rectangular pool (longer in the area where the current came from) with the walls slightly sloped towards the inside of the pool. In these areas, clay and china plates where placed in order to allow washing and drying. Clean water was continuously entering the pool and, therefore, regenerating the water from dirt and soap in the surface. The washing place is covered by a structure made with stone pillars covered with cement which support lintels made of concrete and a gabled roof made out of tiles from Alicante over a wooden structure.

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  • Season: 1938

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