The castle, which is to be found in ruins, still preserves various battlemented towers amongst which the Torre dels Coloms (Pigeon Tower) stands out. This name might seem strange to the townsfolk of Moixent who call it the Torre Mora (Moor Tower) or, quite simply, La Torre (The Tower). According to what we are told, it was used in its day by the pigeon-breeders, hence its name. This tower must have been what experts call Albarrana (a detached citadel tower) or exterior, i.e. towers that were situated outwith the castle itself, generally connected by a wall, or, occasionally, as in this case, totally isolated. Its function was to prevent the enemy from approaching given that if he did he was attacked from behind, moreover, here, it covered the gully closest to the castle as well as an access route; as can be seen from some of the loopholes on the highest floor looking out onto the path. Perhaps it also controlled the water of the dam of El Bosquet, this is indicated in the Region's bylaws of the regantes (peasant associations that control the irrigation system) of the Huertas Viejas y Nuevas (Old and New Plots) of 1865. It is not known when the dam was made; according to tradition the first work done must have been carried out before the Moor invasion; the upper tower was erected to the southeast to control the waters of the springs in the area. These types of towers were only built in Spain and Portugal. The oldest one known is from the 10th century, and with a rabbeted cupola, like that in the photograph, from the 13th century, which is when it can be dated back to. The gate is elevated and looks out over a small rocky base, which prevents the use of battering rams and even prevents approach. It cannot have originally had the windows that we now see given that they are crudely made, corrected afterwards through reparations and they seem to have been cut out of the wall with blows from a hammer and chisel escarpe, when what was normal, only in the upper floor, was a loophole made by introducing a frame into the set of the wall. This is normal and can still be seen in other towers, being characteristic of those situated in areas surrounding Valencia.

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  • Type: BIC Monumento
  • Season: Siglo XII

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