Peña Cortada Aqueduct


The Peña Cortada Aqueduct is one of the most singular in the Region of Valencia. It starts at the Dam of the River Tuéjar, from which it collected the water. In order to save the gully of the Cueva del Gato, an aqueduct 36 metres long and with a maximum height of 33 metres was erected. It is made up of three arches on staggered pillars, cemented directly onto the live rock of the bed of the gully and constructed with blocks of stone cut meticulously at right angles, according to the Roman technique known as opus quadratum. At the upper part it has a width of 2.10 metres. At the highest point of this aqueduct the height of a peak of some 25 metres has been tapered to avoid passing it in tunnel form. This crag or rock is currently called Peña Cortada (Cut Rock) as a result of the singular cut, thus giving its name to the monumental work.

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  • Season: Siglos I-II
  • Address:
  • Barranco del Gato
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