Atalaya Castle


Built by the Moors around the XI century, this castle was declared “Artistic Historical Monument" in 1931. The castle consists of two walls without a moat, with round turrets, and with the outer addition of a polygonal ground with four façades, with reinforced vertexes. The tribute tower has a square floor plan. Constructed with three-metre-thick walls, it consists of four parts; the first two with Almohade wall and the two upper ones are masonry, these latter ones constructed in the middle of the XV century by Don Juan Pacheco, the second marquis of Villena. The coverings of the first rooms are made of Almohade vaults with intertwining arches, exceptionally important in that, like those of the neighbouring Biar Castle, they are the oldest of their style in Spain. In the cornice, small protruding towers in the Portuguese-Spanish style are prominent.

The Atalaya Castle, which until the XV century co-existed with the Salvatierra castle, was the scene of a number of battles, in the times of Carlos I, during the uprising of the "agermanados”, or “Germanized” Valencians, as well as during the War of Spanish Succession which put the Borbons on the throne, or, in the XIX century, during the war of independence against the French, who destroyed the two magnificent Almohade vaults mentioned above.

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  • Type: BIC Monumento
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  • Season: siglo XI

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